Friday, October 10, 2008

Your wish has come true!

If you were wanting to get me something for cristmas here are some things i want.You can chose from the list or if you see something i might want you go ahead and get it!

Drum set,wii,anything tony hawk,some spy gear thing [ha ha ha],anything lego [not batman or spiderman],world of warcraft [computer game],anything harry potter [if you get me a book of it DO NOT GET YEAR #1 OR 2],hedwig doll [harry potters owl],sim city creator,bed tray,de blob [video game].

I hope you can get me something.Check in soon.


The Ross Clan Dad said...

good stuff Aaron...Christmas morning is going to be fun!

Danielle said...

can I send you a gift card so you can buy whatever you want?

terry said...

Hmmmmm, I don't even know what half of this stuff is. I'll have to work hard on your gift this year.

terry said...

I see David made Uncle of the week! Good going David, what makes you so special?????

Danielle said...

David is very happy to be uncle of the week! you know what he said?...he said you are coolest nephew of the year!!!!!!!!!

terry said...

Aaron, do you have books 1 and 2 in hardcover or paperback?

A member of the Ross Clan said...

I will answer all the questions!

first Dani,only if you want to.I do want one but if you cant,no thank you.
2.gram,send me an email!
I'll tell you!
3.gram again!only from the library.

any more questions,go to

A member of the Ross Clan said...

Dad I can see!